MHR offers a variety of activities to enhance student life.

  • Academics: Technology Enriched Curriculum, Project Based Learning Units, Baltimore Woods’ Nature in the City Program, Smithsonian Institute Science Kits, Ready Math Curriculum and Units of Study ELA Curriculum
  • Sports: basketball, soccer, karate, recess every day
  • Special Events: 9/11 Memorial┬áCeremony, Literacy Night, Project Night, Concerts
  • Performing Arts:┬áChorus, Band Bus Program, Art Integrated School and Community Participation in Visual Art Exhibits
  • Service to Others: Brady Faith Center, Sarah Guest House, Veteran Outreach, Salvation Army, sponsored charitable groups, classroom projects
  • Religious Celebrations: Monthly Masses, Liturgical Celebrations such as Advent, Holy Week, May Crowning
  • Positivity Project Partner School: #OtherPeopleMatter