The Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Syracuse, New York are accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools – Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Education.


Student Support Staff



MHR School has over 100 iPads available for teaching and learning. Students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade use iPads in learning centers and whole class learning. The 4th grade class has 1:1 devices and each student is assigned an iPad to use throughout the school day.

iPads have been funded by Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation grants and SCSD hardware allocations.

Apps on School iPads


The 3rd through 6th grade have 1:1 Chromebooks to use throughout the school day. Although they are used in a variety of ways, students and teachers use Google drive to create and share assignments.

Chromebooks have been funded by the Judge Neal McCurn Family’s Community Foundation grant, the Diocese of Syracuse Heritage Technology grant and the Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation.

MakerSpace Room

Students have access to a state of the art Maker Space Room, located on the 3rd floor. A maker space is a community space in a school or other gathering place where students are able to take part in hands-on learning in creative ways. They are called maker spaces because they provide opportunities for students to design, create, manufacture, and invent new things.

MakerSpace Kits have been funded by Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation grants.