• Taste of Strathmore
  • Fundraiser Information
  • Support our Art Program
    Click the “Support our Art Program” link if you would like to contribute. The art room can also can use paper towel tubes and wrapping paper tubes (rain sticks, kaleidoscopes), dried out water-based markers (to make liquid watercolors from them), and any old folders, wallpaper scraps, or unwanted items we can use for sculptures or “alternative canvases”. Thank you for your support.
  • BoxTops for Education: drop off or send in BoxTops to the school office¬†http://www.boxtops4education.com/earn/participating-products
  • Price Chopper Tools for Schools Program: Most Holy Rosary #16682
  • Coupons & Kindness
    Print coupons from this site, and designate MHR to receive a donation.